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Professional Scholars

We have competent English scholars, who know how to create friendly and learning environment for students to learn.

Specially Designed Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed by keeping in mind the needs of each student which also includes digital learning.

Learning Through Activities

We focus on spoken English by making maximum students participate in learning centered activities.

Computerized Assessment

We take assessments through computerized softwares which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Welcome to PTC-Elite

PTC Elite is a community of English scholars having an aim of spreading the language to each and every student. In this programme, spoken English skills will be taught to students through fun activities and digital content, which will further enhance their confidence and understanding of the language. Along with fun, it will bring engagement in children’s learning process. Our curriculum is based on day-to-day requirements, easy to understand, learning by doing activities and result oriented. PTC Elite programme helps students enormously; it helps to make the lessons more interactive and learning focused rather than mere syllabus coverage. The increased student participation will raise student’s motivation and interest in learning.

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Our Spoken English Course Offers

The English speaking course is designed to help the students to achieve the ability to speak English fluently in real-life situations. Our course offers a balanced approach in learning the language while focusing on how the students can enjoy it in a more easy way.

Through our Spoken English classes, we focus on students, and not on results.

Structured programme to ensure gradual and effective English learning.

Enhances English as a skill not just a language.

Strengthens both Spoken and grammar areas of Students.

Provides impactful classroom interactions well-supported by technology.

Creative thinking activities provide opportunities to students for development and growth in their life and career.

Teaching Your Child Some Good Manners

Through our English Language Lab, we also teach students how they can improve their habits.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is focused on learning with the help of creative activities. The curriculum is designed by team of skilled trainers. Curriculum involves all concepts which are necessary for the complete learning of the aspects of language, especially focused on speaking skills. It covers the following aspects of learning.


Listening is the primary skill. In this activity, we engage students with audio sounds, and teach students to pay thoughtful attention to what is heard. Listening develops inter-personal and receptive skills which need active participation.


In this activity, we inspire and motivate students to speak in English without hesitations. We remove student’s fear of speaking by involving them in activities where they speak in front of their class or school.


In this activity, we ask students to read the articles and books loud in classroom. We focus on fluent reading skills in which students can understand the meaning of what they read.


In this activity, we teach students basic ways of writing with proper grammar rules and syntax. Writing means when you put your thoughts and knowledge in words.

Soft Skills

In this activity, we teach students to be socially and emotionally intelligent. We motivate students to work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals with complementing hard skills.

Personality Development

In this activity, we focus on the development of a child's personality as they progresses from infancy through early and later childhood.

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