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More About PTC-Elite

PTC Elite is a community of English scholars having an aim of spreading the language to each and every student. In this programme, spoken English skills will be taught to students through fun activities and digital content, which will further enhance their confidence and understanding of the language. Along with fun, it will bring engagement in children’s learning process. Our curriculum is based on day-to-day requirements, easy to understand, learning by doing activities and result oriented. PTC Elite programme helps students enormously; it helps to make the lessons more interactive and learning focused rather than mere syllabus coverage. The increased student participation will raise student’s motivation and interest in learning. We at PTC Elite focus on practical learning by doing engaging and fun activities. We develop all four essential skills of language; which are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. PTC Elite scholars implement new and innovative teaching strategies and more effective ways of teaching for all students with different learning needs and capabilities. We take pride in incorporating the latest teaching strategies and resources to enhance the teaching and learning in the school.

How we Do it?

Through Fun Activities
Making it Active and Smart
Including Art with English
Having clarity interacting and playing games

Need Of Spoken English Language At Schools

The importance of English language cannot be alleviated even if so desired. In today’s interconnected and globalized world, learning and speaking English language have been a very important factor. Imparting proficiency in English language should begin right from the school level. As it is being said, that English language is being accepted worldwide so, it is important for the students to master in this language. In a typical classroom, especially in a country like India, a teacher take lectures on the vocabulary, grammar, and, tenses with their own ways and methods. But at the end of the day, when it comes to speaking the language for real, the students fail to utter a word. The crux of this problem lies under the fact that it is to be understood that English is not just a subject, it is a skill which should be learnt in different way to master it. It is important that the teachers should make it to a point to enlighten the students mind with the right way of learning the language. The language could be better learnt only if the students learn it right from their elementary classes. It is only then a definite sequential pattern could be followed to improve their communication skills. And that is why it is said that English language should be mandatorily taught right from the primary classes in school. A good foundation will certainly help the students to carve themselves into a person with better proficiency in the language which is the need of today's hour.

Importance Of Spoken English Language At Schools

Having clarity and understanding of English language gives confidence to the students and open the doors to their personal growth

It's important that every student has a good command over the language to allow him overall success in life

Students understanding of the English language serve as a platform to rise and evolve in their life and career

Speaking English allows students to broaden their world, from job opportunities to the ability to relate to people from every country

Education is important to improve yourself but, learning and speaking English also improves the quality of life

The benefits which English language brings in students life is countless

Learning and speaking English is a skill which students can learn, and broaden their horizons to improve themselves.

Strong communication will help the students to discover their hidden talent, and to overcome their fear and obstacles